Winter Nail Color and Art Trends

Your mani/pedi clients often LOVE something different for the holidays or the changing seasons, and they love it when you do some unique artwork on their nails. I know I do.

A classic favorite is French white. It’s timeless, clean and goes with everything. However, it can get boring. This season, mix it up a bit: a clear matte (or gloss) over the entire nail, then paint the tips in a fun & trendy color. Any color will work for this style, from pastels to deep jewel tones, matte to chrome, even neutral tones work well. Topping it with a bit of glitter or art, such as a bright swipe of the brush or dainty flower, can be simple yet versatile, and fits the bill from daily casual to full on formal night at the opera.

Neutral tones are always great choices in nail color. There is no worrying about nail color clashing with that new dress. And now, with the new matte finishes available, these are particularly fresh and trendy, even in browns. Don’t be afraid to decorate a neutral nail with a bit of a glitzy gold accent. Neutral may sound dull and boring, but give it shot, and you won’t be disappointed.

Metallics are getting new life right now. With lots of metallic colors available, you can’t go wrong here. You’ll find lots of finishes in this arena, too. From a shimmery brushed steel look, to a shiny mirror finish, or a smooth chrome to gritty looking, even holographic. There are lots more metallic options to pick from. Silver and gold have many new friends this winter with numerous colors available in a metallic look. Bonus: metallics give you that glitzy shine but are much easier to remove than glitter paints.

You can also get clear or sheer holographic (also called aurora) top coat to put over your favorite color and transform it into a metallic shine. There are two types of holographic nail finishes, Linear Halo – where the rainbow effect is apparent in the polish, and Scattered Halo – where the holographic effect is scattered in a non-uniform prism.

Whether your fashion sense is soft and subtle or bold and colorful, your nails can take on nearly any style and still work with the rest of your look.

Start with a matte finish soft or neutral color, just don’t apply it up against the cuticle, leave a growth gap – just at the back end or in a full U-shape around the nail. Then, add a contrast color (like black) or metallic in the unpainted area. Then try one of these artistic touches:

  • A gold square
  • 3 shiny rhinestones
  • A line of silver glitter
  • An Ombre manicure
  • A whiteout outline around the U-shape and across the tip. You could even try starting with a deep color before adding the artistic glitz.

A single stripe down the center of one nail over a clear or neutral mani is very understated. One or two stripes of color off to one side of each nail, even with a metallic color, can be a great way to add some shine without over-doing it. Or try a checkerboard style for a quirky or sporty look. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination and skill.

Here are some links to inspire your next session: