Bella Salon

Bella’s Beauty Services and Products

Hair Services

Haircuts & Styles
Hair Cut Includes Shampoo, Condition, and Blow Dry$5.00
Shampoo, Condition, and Blow Dry$5
Elaborate Up-Do One Hour$15.00
Simple Up-Do Half Hour$10.00
Set and Comb Out One and a Half Hours$4.00
Bang Trim$4.00
Beard Trim/Shave$4.00
Braiding Whole Head$20.00
Braiding Half Head$8.00
Single French Braid$4.00
Half Head Twisties$8.00
Iron Curl$8.00

Hair Color Services
Full Weave One Color | Ombre | Balayage$40.00
Full Weave Two Color$45.00
Full Weave Three Color$55.00
Partial Weave Three Color$35.00
Partial Weave Two Color$30.00
Partial Weave One Color$25.00
Tipping Top of Head$10.00
Hair Greater Than Shoulder Length$12.00
Cap Frost Full Head$30.00
Cap Frost Half Head$15.00
One Color All Over Two Hours$30.00
Lighteners Three Hours$30.00
Retouch 1/2" to 1" Grow Out$17.00
Toner Additional$12.00
PH Bonder Additional$10.00
Deep Conditioner Additional$5.00
De-Colorizer Bleach$40.00
Cholesterol Treatment$3.00

Permanent Waves, Relaxers, and Soft Curls
Hair Above the Shoulder Three Hours$25.00
Hair Below the Shoulder Three Hours$35.00
Specialty Wraps Four Hours$40.00
Partial Perm Ten Rods, Two Hours$17.00
Virgin Relaxer Long Hair Extra$45.00
T/U Relaxer Includes Cut, Blow Dry, and Iron$40.00
Soft Curl Perm Includes Cut - Long Hair Extra$40.00

Reconditioning, Hair, and Scalp Treatments
Scalp Massage and Treatment Half Hour$9.00
Condition Treatment$5.00
Reconstructive Treatment$25.00

Nail Services

Nail Technology Services
French Manicure$10.00
Spa Pedicure$17.00
French Pedicure$18.00
Polish Change$4.00
Buff and Polish$5.00
Nail Art$0.50 / nail

Esthetics & Skin Services

Facial Technology Services
Basic Facial$20.00
Body Scrub / Body Wrap$25.00
Cleansing Back Treatment$20.00
Cleansing Back Treatment$20.00
Makeup Application$6.00

Waxing Services
Facial Waxing Per Area$5.00
Legs Full$25.00
Legs Knee Down$16.00
Bikini Line$15.00

Special Packages

Princess Party Under 14 and Limit 6Includes: Simple Up-Do, Basic Manicure and Makeup$14.00
Prom Packages Up-Do, Manicure, and Makeup$22.00
Multi-Department Package20% off Total

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