Competency Based Programs

Traditional Beauty School Comparison

Unlike most traditional cosmetology schools that require students to complete a set number of instructional hours, Bella Institute School of Cosmetology has been certified by the Oregon State Board of Education to offer competency-based instruction, which allows students to progress rapidly through the program by demonstrating mastery in each area of study.

With a competency based beauty school model, our students typically complete their cosmetology certification an average of 50%-60% faster than students at traditional schools. Depending on the student’s program, graduation time can be in as little as three months. Less time in school means the opportunity to start working and making an income sooner.

A More Intelligent Approach

The competency based format is a more intelligent approach to a cosmetology education. Practical theory provides the foundation to guide practical skills. Practical theory is provided to Freshman students daily and is followed by written exams that help to gauge a student’s comprehension of a given subject. Once students have attended the full cycle of theory classes and passed all required exams, they are allowed to test up to the next level.

At the intermediate level, students are provided with additional theory and advanced skills, as well as further written and practical tests. In addition, client services are introduced to students under instructor supervision. Advanced levels focus primarily on improving practical skills. Students are able to accelerate their program based on their abilities at advanced levels, which are often determined by a student’s focus and commitment to improving practical skills through services at the intermediate level.

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