Hair Design

Hair Design Program at Bella Institute

At Bella Institute, our students graduate with the skills and knowledge for successful careers in hair design. The program revolves around core concepts that students need to succeed in the beauty industry. Hair design and barbering students begin freshman classes together to learn the basic theory and legal requirements of salon services.

Students at Bella learn different styles and methods of hair cleansing as well as how different products interact with the hair. From personal experience you may know the perfect routine for your hair, but here you will learn how to customize the perfect routine for your clients as well. The curriculum focuses on the principals of haircutting trends, techniques, and tools.

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Hair Coloring

Hair coloring is a unique balance between art and science. At Bella Institute, students learn how to determine a client’s current hair color, how to create new colors, salon safety, and more. With Bella’s competency based programs you will be allowed to develop at your own speed, build a resume and portfolio, and prepare for your life as a hair stylist.

All of the technical areas covered include:

  • Hair Cutting
  • Hair Coloring
  • Perming
  • Hair Styling
  • Hair Care
  • Sculpting & Shaping
  • Preparation for Written & Practical Testing

Students have the opportunity to hone their skills on real customers with services to the general public once they are qualified. Our students love having personal contact with the public in our comfortable, spa-like environment.

Both our hair design & barbering programs will give you a solid foundation in hair design & barbering, as well as room to develop your own unique set of skills and techniques. Call today at 503.236.5600 to schedule a tour of our state-of-the-art facilities.