Barbering Program at Bella Institute

Barbers have a variety of options when it comes to choosing a career. A barber could decide to work in an established shop, open their own shop, become a master barber or celebrity barber, and more! This decade alone the industry is expected to grow almost 15%, which means there are hundreds of new barbering jobs introduced regularly.

To be a great barber you don’t just need training, you need to have excellent interpersonal and customer service skills. A major part of being successful in the hair styling business is being able to get repeat clientele coming back and referring their family and friends. At Bella Institute we cover every part of barbering necessary to have a successful career, including interpersonal communications.

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Our Classes

When you first start the program as a barbering student at our beauty school, all practicing is performed on mannequin heads. The transition to live customers takes place as you become more skilled. This gives plenty of room for developing individual techniques and skills. First, barbering students learn the basic theories and legal requirements of the beauty industry, then they go on to learn all of the necessary hair cutting and styling techniques.

Skills we teach include:

  • Hair Cutting & Styling
  • Beard Trimming & Shaving
  • Basic Facial Treatments
  • Skin & Scalp Care
  • Safety, Sanitation, and Hygiene
  • Practical Experience Barbering in the Bella Salon
  • Customer Service