What’s Ruining Your Eyelashes?

Everybody wants longer, thicker lashes, but what if some of your lash extension techniques are actually inhibiting growth? From improperly removing and applying faux lashes to curling the wrong way, here are some ways you might be ruining your wink.

Applying (and Removing) False Lashes Carelessly

If you wear fake fringe regularly, remember to be extremely gentle during the application and removal process. Avoid getting glue on your lashes (or as little glue as possible) when applying. Dipping a cotton pad in olive oil and gently swiping along your lash line will help the extensions come right off without pulling out any natural lashes.

Curling Your Lashes After Applying Mascara

Always, always, always curl your lashes before applying mascara. Curling them after applying mascara doesn’t just make them look clumpy and unnatural, they also can get stick on your curler and be pulled out by accident.

You’re Removing Your Mascara the Wrong Way

Mascara needs to be removed gently to avoid permanent lash loss. If you notice yourself scrubbing and tugging at your eyelashes, try using an oil cleanser to melt the makeup away easily. Waterproof mascara can add some extra strain to your lashes, but there are many products like olive oil and petroleum jelly that make removal much easier.

Touching Your Eyes During the Day

Absentmindedly rubbing your eyes or lashes can cause bacteria to clog the follicles and prevent new lash growth. You could also be accidentally plucking out lashes without realizing it when you do this.

Pulling on Your Extensions

Extensions are attached to your natural lashes, so if you tug on the faux ones, you’re putting strain on the real ones. If you’re new to eyelash extensions, try starting out with just a few until you feel comfortable wearing a full flutter.

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