What Makes a Salon Successful?

Successful salon owners, booth renters, and spa service providers all need to have one thing in common to be successful entrepreneurs. They need to have strong organizational skills to make the difference between success and failure in business. Passionate salon and spa professionals are creative souls who often don’t see organizational skills as one of their strengths – the good news here is that being organized is a technique that can be learned. A hair salon can be an extremely lucrative business that is also personally rewarding, and makes a lot of people happy. Organization is one aspect to help create a profitable business.

Time Management

Often, a new salon owner will try to manage the big picture all by themselves which includes; being behind the chair, trying to manage the books, and overseeing your staff. Instead, hire experienced staff to handle day-to-day work so you can devote yourself to growing the business and making more money. Having great organizational skills also includes making the best use of your time. Keep a calendar or schedule so you don’t miss appointments and so you can work around other obligations.

Break it Down

Getting sidetracked could throw off your entire day while you are juggling appointments, calculating commissions, performing inventory control, and generating financial reports for your accounts. Coming up with a “to do” list is a great idea for ensuring your day is as productive as possible.


Once you’ve created your list for the day, come up with a system for prioritizing your tasks. Star items that are important or high priority, try numbering them in the order they need to be done – there are many options for how your day will go – so plan smart!


Now that you have a list, all you have to do is start crossing tasks off. If any are left on the list at the end of the day, you know what will go at the top of the list tomorrow.

Creativity and passion will give you the drive you need to be successful in the career of your dreams, but organization will be the foundation for long-term achievement as your business grows. One thing to remember is that getting organized will be a life-long journey. Allowing organizational skills to become a ritual in your daily business life will help manage stress and help you reach your goals.