This Autumn’s Hair Trends & Four Ways to Achieve Perfection

This Fall there’s one classic cut that’s making headlines! Bangs are appearing on stars from Taylor Swift to Naomi Campbell, and the best thing about bangs? This timeless look can be altered in four ways to make it your own.


Wispy bangs look good on just about everybody, plus there are many ways to style them. The side swept wispy bang is a popular way to style this trendy fringe as well as eye grazing peek a boo bangs that are soft and texturized. Another popular way to style wispy bangs is to give them more of a concave, rainbow shape. They are all very cute and slightly edgy styling possibilities.


Blunt-cut bangs can channel a ‘90’s vibe if you pair them with slightly scrunchy curls, or use a round brush to add some polished volume.


The short, jagged appearance is a surprisingly flattering look, especially when paired with ever-popular bold brows. The rough ends add a touch of attitude without any major styling needed! Otherwise known as “baby bangs,” stylists recommend using a simple pomade, light hairspray, and a mini flat-iron to keep the look sleek.

Side Swept

Just sweep those bangs to the side! The versatility of this look means the options are endless. You can choose full and voluminous bangs, light wispy side-swept fringe, or even graduated bangs. Side-swept bangs have been popular for years, and will be for years to come. If you are cautious about any major changes, but want to try bangs, side-swept will leave you feeling the least anxious.

How will you try this timeless look for yourself? With Lucy Hale, Ariana Grande, and other celebrities leading the trend, you’ll be dying to try the style on yourself in no time!