The Shape of Their Face

Does the shape of your face really matter when choosing your next hairstyle? The answer is yes, but it is even more important to recognize the face shape of your clients. Determining their strong features and face shape can help you decide what kind of hairstyle will be best suited for them. If you follow their instructions exactly and they end up disappointed with their new ‘do, who’s fault is it? According to them it will probably be you. So instead of trying to recreate their celebrity inspired hairstyle exactly, learn how you can alter their inspiration to flatter their best features.

How to Spot a Round Face –

The sides of the face will be curved slightly outward with a softer jawline. Their chin will be rounded and their cheekbones will be the widest part of the face.

The best haircut for somebody with a round face is a long layered style that elongates. Long layers can even be incorporated into pixie cuts by keeping the front long and pushed off to the side.

How to Determine if Someone Has a Long Face –

Their forehead, cheekbones, and jawline will all have equal proportions and their face will be longer than it is wide.

Bangs in all textures and lengths will be trendy going into 2017. This is great news for everyone with a long face as their bone structure can handle all the extra fringe without being overpowering.

How You Can Decide if They Have an Oval Face –

Their forehead will only be slightly wider than their curved chin. Similar to the shape of an upside down egg. Similar to long faces, the oval face shape has a softer chin with more curve to the sides.

Oval faces are considered the most versatile and can pull off almost any look. Going into 2017, textured bobs are a particularly popular look for people with oval faces. The most dynamic lengths for this chop is right above the collar bone, or right at the chin.

How to Determine if They Have a Square Face –

The sides of their face will be very straight, with a strong jawline. Their jaw will have minimal curve and their face will be almost as wide as it is long.

Big, voluminous waves and curls help to soften the angles of a square jawline. A medium-length hair style that goes past the shoulders also helps to elongate their face and make it look more feminine.

Recognizing your client’s face shape and modifying their cut to illuminate their best features will lead to happier customers!