The Changing Face of the Barbershop

Over the past few years, men have been increasingly interested in grooming and self-care, with upscale barbershops (offering more than a standard haircut) popping up all over the country. Men are experimenting and paying more attention to their hair and skincare than they had in years. Now, beyond going to a barbershop for just a haircut, many guys are seeking places to relax, have a beer on the house, and maybe even get a manicure or facial. Some salons that jumped on this trend early on have expanded to franchise levels and could soon be in a strip center near you.

What Started This Trend?

Although each individual story may vary, many men have gravitated towards a salon experience to get more than just getting their hair cut like they would at a standard value salon or barbershop. These modern, often male-only salons can feel like a private sanctuary for patrons, where they feel that there is a high degree of trust between themselves and their stylists. Accordingly, many of these salons offer services that are not provided at typical barbershops, such as hair coloring services and different degrees of advanced stylists. You can also find face and scalp treatments, hair removal, and beard shaping services at many of these salons. They may also offer more of a private space for the client and hairdresser compared to a standard barbershop and have an inviting and decorous ambiance that clients find appealing. Not to mention the fact that many patrons are a fan of having a drink of choice (craft beer, wine, or bourbon on the rocks, anyone?) that many of these establishments offer, possibly making a trip to the salon something that guys can look forward to!

The male beauty industry is growing by leaps and bounds and it’s exciting to see the direction it’s heading in. Do you want to be a part of this growing industry? Check out Bella Institute’s barbering and hairstyling courses and schedule a tour with us. We’d love to meet you!