Protect Your Skin This Summer

Bring on sandy beaches, flip-flops, and frozen daiquiris—Summer is officially here! With the warmer weather comes increased levels of Vitamin D for those of us catching some rays outside. Vitamin D is essential for our bodies to function healthfully and the best way to get it is from direct sunlight on our bare skin…but we must be careful to not overdo it! Overexposure to sunlight can lead to wrinkles, age spots, hair damage, and, most importantly, skin cancer.

Protect your skin this summer by practicing these best habits:


We all know that sunscreen is helpful in preventing sunburns, but not all sunscreens are created equal. There are hundreds of options available in the marketplace when it comes to choosing a new bottle of sunscreen, all for different purposes and uses. Whether you just want a daily facial sunscreen or something that won’t wash off when you’re swimming at the pool, finding the ideal sunscreen can sometimes be a lesson in trial and error. Some sunscreens can leave a white, chalky residue on your skin, which is fine at the beach with your family, perhaps, but not so much when you’re headed to brunch with friends. First, use these tips from the American Academy of Dermatology on how to select a general sunscreen, and then keep your eyes peeled for a sunscreen that meets their recommendations while also matching your skin type. (For example, a person with dark, oily skin might need a sunscreen that is completely different than someone with pale skin that burns easily.)

Cover Up:

Covering up may sound counter-intuitive but think of how chic you will look wearing a fabulous floppy hat and big sunglasses lounging out on a chair by the pool! Keeping your face extra protected with a hat can seriously help fight free radicals from forming and wearing a hat will also help prevent sunburn on your scalp (a place many of us forget to apply sunscreen). Also, wearing a swim coverup or a lightweight jacket can help shield parts of our bodies that might be susceptible to burning.


If you plan on spending a lot of time outside, make sure you up your water intake. Simple activities outside in the heat can cause dehydration if we aren’t paying attention, so make sure to have water on hand with you at all times. For lazy summer hikes, pack an extra water bottle, just in case! This will help prevent dizzy spells and will help your skin to naturally detoxify itself.

Take care of your skin this summer and it will take care of you!