Men’s Beauty Trends: Aren’t Curls for Girls?

Over the past decade, the natural hair movement has exploded in the beauty world. New curly-hair focused brands have popped up by the dozens, and existing beauty brands have scrambled to keep up with the changing marketplace. Prior to this movement, curly hair was something that was often shamed, and beauty products mostly focused on ways to straighten curly hair for women. Men, on the other hand, basically were encouraged to chop off their curly frocks and were told that “Curls are for girls!” Luckily, the natural hair movement encourages women and men to embrace the texture they were born with!

Making the Most of Your Curly Locks!

Most of the marketing and publicity about curly hair has admittedly focused on women, as is the case for many things

beauty related. It seems as though the male curly hair revival has only started gaining momentum over the past couple of years as men are waking up to see their natural hair as something that can be attractive and fun to style. Although it may seem overwhelming at the beginning, figuring out what your curl type is and what kind of style would work with it are important first steps. From there, finding hair products for your curly-haired goals gets a lot easier! You can also look into finding a stylist who knows how to work with your curls (and not suppress them!) while also using online resources and tips from people with similar hair patterns. It’s all hair—men don’t have hair types that are different than women’s, so even if the information online is mostly written with women in mind, use the basic techniques that you can find for your curl pattern and go from there!

Stepping out and trying something new can be scary, but the curly-hair revolution is just beginning! Embrace what you are born with and remember that your hair isn’t gendered. Experiment, research, and have fun learning about your hair, as it is something that is uniquely your own!