Maintain Passion For Your Career

Are you feeling like your career has started to mellow out and you no longer feel the drive to succeed like you once did? This is totally normal. Everybody needs a change of scenery every once in a while, but it doesn’t mean you need to completely change your career to feel passionate again. If you feel stuck in a rut, why not take an advanced class in your profession to add to your portfolio. You could take a class on something you’ve wanted more experience with, or something completely new! If you are excited to expand your portfolio of skills, you’ll always be advancing in your field, and you’ll never feel burned out.

Another way to get a change of scenery is to do some freelance work. This is becoming an easier avenue for work as social media has grown. Freelance work can be anything from servicing a bridal party or styling for a photo shoot, to styling models for a fashion show or any other work that calls for a cosmetologist outside of a salon.

The great thing about working in the beauty industry is there are TONS of career avenues to explore. Doing different work within the industry like becoming a writer, educator, or consultant are options that might be overlooked, but if you are burned out on the technical side of work they might be perfect for you!

Once you explore the many ways to contribute to the world of beauty, a whole new passion for your work can open up.