Increase Interest From Men

How to Get Men in to Your Salon or Spa

Most salons and spas tend to cater more to women’s needs and the current beauty trends for women, but forget about the other half of the population. These salons and spas are missing out on the growing number of men that want more than just a barbershop haircut, but still don’t feel comfortable entering a beauty salon or froufrou day spa.

According to the NPD Group, a marketing research firm in New York, sales of men’s skin care products in department stores rose 13% in 2004, more than double the growth they saw in women’s skin care. Since 2004, men have become increasingly more interested in maintaining their youthful look. Call it societal pressure or rising standards, but the number of men interested in professional grooming is growing.

So, how can salons and spas adapt to make their business appeal more to men? The first thing to realize is that once a man finds a barber that they are comfortable with, they are very loyal clients. They also need their hair cut on a more regular basis than most women. That makes them the perfect client. If your salon or spa is mainly frequented by women, chances are, they know men that might be interested in your services. Showing female clients that you have products for men, and allowing them to bring home samples for their man to try, and then offering them a discount on a first time service is a great way to bring in new clients. And once they are in the door, that’s the time to give them a unique experience that they will want to come back for.

Men will not enjoy their experience if it feels girlie. If it is sleek and elegant, men are more likely to respond positively to it. Some salons and spas have gone so far as to rename their services to appeal to men more; for example, calling manicures and pedicures “hand and foot detailing” and covering up grey hair is called “camouflage.” Other salons and spas have integrated a sports theme and offer beer alongside their wine and mimosas offered to women in the past. Then, adding on special touches like a hot towel on their neck, a hot neck shave, hand or neck massages, or any other additional upgrades will make their experience even more memorable.

Don’t doubt men’s loyalty when it comes to maintaining their style! Bring in the men and let them grow your business for you.