Happy Graduation – Now Get to Work

Now that you’ve graduated, or are about to graduate, it’s time to get your career started. Job hunting is rarely fun, but it is necessary. The best way to handle it is to just get it done! Here are some inspiring tips, whether you just need a little nudge or a swift kick in the derriere.

As a beauty school graduate, you can work for an established salon, sometimes as an employee or independently rent a booth in a salon. You may be required to fill part of their schedule or be able to set your own hours entirely. You could open your own shop, or freelance, traveling from job site to job site.

Start with a great resume. It’s not difficult to create a decent resume that gets attention. Add a photo and some color to a resume to help it represent you better. As your job history grows and changes, always remember to keep a photo album/file of your creations and to always update your resume so that when you need it again it will be ready to go. This saves you loads of time and energy, not to mention stress, later.

Resume templates are readily available all over the internet and are often built-in to most writing and publishing software. Use a nice font that fits you. and the job you are seeking. Be sure that whatever you choose is not difficult to read. Photos of your creative skills are also helpful, and a wonderful way to show a potential employer just what you’re capable of.

You will also need to decide on which direction you’d like your career to go, and where you want to live and work. For example, would you like to build a clientele of people you will get to know and work with regularly such as in a neighborhood salon, or would you rather have one-time customers and meet new people constantly such as you would at a walk-in salon or on a cruise ship? Do you prefer to do nails, or would you rather cut hair? Maybe you enjoy all aspects of the beauty industry and can’t decide which area to focus on, in which case, you could try covering more than one area for a while until you are able to decide. You’ve gone to school in Portland/Beaverton, but maybe you’d rather live and work in Eugene, on the coast, or even in another state.

The last step is often the most daunting… the leg-work. Getting that awesome resume out there and in the hands of potential employers you want to work with, finding that perfect salon location, or catching those often-elusive freelance jobs. Get the word out – make sure everyone you know is aware of what you are looking for. Often, it’s a word-of-mouth connection that gets you where you want to be. If you send your resume by email or upload, try to make a physical appearance as well. Showing up sends a clear message that you are serious about working, and often makes more of an impression than a resume alone.

Another thing you’ll want to do is network. The best way is to join a professional beauty association that matches your career path interest, attend some events that the organizations have sponsored, and introduce yourself to some of the other attendees. A great way to get tips and tricks to expand your skill set is to network with other professionals. This is also an easy way to meet important people who might have connections to potential job opportunities.

And remember, at Bella Institute, there are helpful resources for getting your start after graduation – don’t hesitate to take advantage of that!