Fast Track Your Beauty Career with Bella Institute

Ever considered going to cosmetology school, but just can’t dedicate up to two years to get your license? Here at Bella Institute, we offer a way to fast-track your beauty career in as little as three months through competency-based instruction! No longer will you feel “held back” by state standards for a set number of instructional hours covering information you may have already mastered. Instead, your education will be paced to match your own learning style and schedule, allowing you to potentially save time and get a jumpstart on your beauty career!

The Best Competency Based Cosmetology School in Portland!

Students at Bella Institute can attain their cosmetology certification 50-60% faster than traditional cosmetology students, while still adhering to the same educational standards the Oregon State Board of Education requires. Freshman students are taught both practical theory and skills, followed by written exams that lets instructors know where students are in the learning process of a given subject. Upon completing an entire theory cycle, students can test up to the next level.

Once at the intermediate level, students can take what they’ve learned and apply it to providing client services, while still under instructor supervision. During this time, students will be able to truly hone their skills and learn the basics of client interaction. At this stage, a student’s ability in practical skills and advanced techniques in client services will determine their movement up towards getting their certification.

Save Time and Start Making an Income with Cosmetology!

Here at Bella Institute, we understand that many of our students often have their hands full, juggling a job or a family, and may find it difficult to complete a cosmetology certification through a traditional program. To help our students succeed in the classroom, we offer flexible schedules and small class sizes, allowing students to get individual focus and attention from their instructors. We pride ourselves in knowing that we have one of the highest graduation rates of cosmetology schools in Portland, knowing that our fast-track options, flexible schedules and quality instructors create an environment that allows our students to thrive!