East Coast Vs. West Coast Beauty Trends

Attitudes, culture, and beauty all turn on their head moving from the east coast to the west. There are distinct variations on how women on each coast manage their entire beauty routines. Obviously not all Cali girls are blonde, blue-eyed, and tan, and not all NYC girls look akin to Audrey Hepburn, but the beauty tastes from coast to coast will call for some adjustments if you ever decide to make the move. Agree or disagree – these are the most noticeable differences you’ll see between the two.

The LA Natural Face

The west coast is known for being more laid-back and natural, and that’s definitely the case when it comes to the trending no-makeup look in So-Cal. Beauty goals on the west coast include getting the perfect fresh-faced, dewy finish, and making it look effortless. The natural look travels all the way up the coast to the Pacific northwest where it rains so much it’s much more practical to go out fresh faced.

NYC Blowouts

In the ever-changing weather of NYC, you notice more women walking around with perfectly sleek hair since it’s easier to manage. Having on-point hair is a must, but with a blowout bar in every NYC neighborhood you’d never have to worry about taking your hair up a notch on your own.

West Coast Waves

With the California climate, a low-maintenance wash and go routine is all you need! Undone, wavy locks are such a huge beauty trend that women are willing to spritz sea salt in their hair to achieve the effortless look.

NYC City Brows

The streets of the Big Apple are awash with thick, statement-making eyebrows. Everyone loves their pencils and pomades, and the growing-out phase is not something to be ashamed of. Thick eyebrows make a face look younger and are your face’s best natural frame – which is why the trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere for a very long time.

LA Brows

Just like their hair and makeup, LA eyebrows are just as understated. Bold brows are replaced with perfectly waxed, lightly filled brows that fit perfectly with the other natural, beachy beauty trends. Less is more.

East Coast Skin

Cold winter days make a year-round tan ultra-unrealistic. Unless you just got back from vacation, East Coasters will opt for a subtler color or do away with bronzers completely.

Golden LA Tan

There’s almost no excuse to not have glowing skin when there’s rarely a day when the sun isn’t beaming. You can hardly leave the house without an SPF, spray tans are a way of life, and looking naturally bronzed at all times is your easiest beauty regimen.

Which coast does your beauty routine follow more closely? Do you notice beauty trends in your city that lean towards beach bum, city girl, or bicoastal beauty?