Always On, All the Time

What’s the goal of every woman when it comes to their beauty routine? To have the perfect beauty routine. Some women seem to have reached the pinnacle of flawlessness. They are the ones whose makeup always looks perfect (even as they’re leaving the office for the day.) The rest of the world is left constantly wondering how this group of women keep their face and hair fresh at all hours of the day. Thankfully, many of the women with perfect beauty routines have turned to the Internet as beauty bloggers to inspire the rest of us. Here are the top tips from the best:


Skin is constantly generating new cells to replace the dead skin cells on the upper layer. Aging slows this process down and cells start to gather unevenly on the skin’s surface. Exfoliating smooths your skin and increases circulation, letting natural beauty glow through. Exfoliating your skin regularly also gives you a super smooth base so that your makeup stays on longer.

Wear Primer

Primer is the first step to making your face makeup ready. Applying it to a clean, exfoliated face gives you better color payoff, a smoother canvas to work on, and longer-lasting wear.

Wear More Primer

Yes, you read that right. Wear even more primer. If you tend to get a shiny nose or oily eyelids, try adding a second coat of primer to help your makeup stay put. The most popular technique for the second layer of primer is to simply apply an eyeshadow primer to your eyes or nose with your fingers to give a matte base.

Bake Your Makeup

Thanks to Kim K, more people are baking their makeup than ever before. The key with this step is to avoid overdoing it (which should be the motto for every beauty routine.) Using a wedge sponge, dampen it with a setting spray and then dip it into a translucent powder. Generously press the powder over the areas where you’ve applied concealer. Let the powder “bake” for 10-15 minutes before dusting it off with a fluffy brush.

Set Your Makeup

This is the icing on the cake. The final, yet crucial step to stopping makeup meltdowns. The best thing about makeup setting sprays are that they are really good multi-taskers. They don’t just keep your makeup in place, some help hydrate your skin, while others can keep you cool on the balmiest of afternoons.


It only takes a couple seconds to swipe on a fresh layer of lipstick. The flawlessness of some women’s makeup comes from taking a glance in the mirror every once in a while to see if they could use a touchup.