Turn Your Passion for Nails into a Career

Are your friends always suggesting that you give them a manicure, “just for fun?” If your nails are famous on Instagram or your blog, then maybe it’s time to take your passion and turn it into a career. What are the first steps to getting professionally licensed to work in a salon? The first thing you will be tempted to do is apply to the school closest to your home or current job – but that might not be the right call. There are lots of things to consider when entering a field that you are already experienced in and passionate about.


Hours of Instruction


Every state is different, but you could be required to complete anywhere from 250 to 600 hours to receive your nail technician’s license. Oregon currently requires 350 hours, so if you were to go to attend classes 40 hours a week you would complete your licensing in about two and a half months. And that’s not even considering that most schools don’t offer classes 40 full hours a week. Bella Institute is different; instead of hourly license requirements, we offer competency based programs. That means, once you are “competent” and can pass your licensing test, you can graduate! You have the chance to enter the beauty industry as a professional much faster than you would with an hourly based school.


Choosing Your School


You may fall in love with the first school you tour at, but with the amount of cosmetology schools in your area you should check out other options. Seeing how other students are working in the classroom is really important, because that could potentially be you! If you see students sitting around doing nothing, or they look bored, this school might not meet your needs. You want to be in a program that helps you learn! A great website to start with is your state’s Board of Cosmetology website. This gives you a full list of accredited schools and their requirements in your area.


Bella Institute might be the best school for you to begin your career as a nail technician! We offer small class sizes, competency based programs, and individual attention from experienced instructors. Our Bella Salon offers nail services so students can get experience working with real clients on a regular basis. Take a tour today and decide for yourself!




Our classes are held Monday through Friday, 8:30 to 2 pm. Hair Design can be completed in about 8 months. We are located at 11565 SW Hall Blvd, Tigard, OR right next to KinderCare. If you have dreamed of a career in cosmetology, now is your time to begin and save money!

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